recommendation of the top ten inverters that are worthy of buying

Photovoltaic power generation has gained rapid development in the Chinese market in recent years, and related solar power products have become high-tech products available in people’s homes. Along with the expansion of the market, all kinds of photovoltaic equipment manufacturers have also sprung up in this profitable field of which the most fierce competition belongs to photovoltaic inverter products. According to a rough estimate, there should be no less than 200 manufacturers of domestic inverters, and there should be seventy or eighty brands of inverters on the market for normal sales.


After all, the inverter is the core equipment inside the PV system, so which inverter brand is more worthy of our choice among so many manufacturers, and can make them feel more at ease after installation? From the perspective of normal use, we can consider the following factors when choosing an inverter brand.

Now even the country is advocating China’s “creation”, which shows how important a company’s innovative R&D capability is. In addition, the main reason to choose an inverter brand that has independent R&D ability is for the stable operation of the product. If a company does not even have the basic R&D innovation ability, how can the product be stable and reliable?

Second, the company’s strength must be strong, can not live in the “storm”.

Considering that photovoltaic power plants need to run for 25 years, the inverter warranty is also up to 5 years, so when choosing an inverter brand, the company’s strength is one of the key selection factors, otherwise the need for technology or after-sales service when even the manufacturer is not in that it will be too late, this case has been more than once in the country.

It is recommended that the best choices are state-owned enterprises or listed brands. After all, such companies in China are recognized as companies with strong strength, not so easy to go bankrupt. Now there are also many good entrepreneurial companies on the market, and their strength products are not bad, but we must always take into account that PV market is affected by the policy and these companies are also highly affected by government subsidies, and it is hard for us to predict what will happen in the future.

Third, the market performance should be good and fast and timely service should be provided.

The last point to consider is the market performance, and then good products and then a large company, if the product does not perform well in the market, it will also leave a bad impression on users. We still have to believe the choices of the mass, because the brand chosen by the majority of people will certainly have its desirable side.

In addition, we should also pay extra attention to the operation and maintenance of the inverter (monitoring platform perfection) and the speed of service during sales or after sales. As a productive product, inverters are made to produce benefits, and if the speed of service can not keep up with the user’s needs, it will certainly cause some losses.

Next, I will recommend the ten most worthy inverter brands from the above three perspectives for your reference.

First: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Known as a household name, Huawei needs no more introduction. With its accumulation in the field of communication, Huawei has borrowed from the global outdoor application of wireless products and applied thermal design, protection design and production process to inverters. In addition to the domestic market, Huawei has also plunged headlong into the demanding, international first-tier inverter companies in the European market, and has preceded the domestic market with large-scale applications, and now Huawei is also trying to open the Japanese market which is hard to enter.

Huawei cut into the large ground power plant market in 2014 setting off a fishy market. In the second half of 2017 it killed the household PV market again, and the same has caused a strong market reaction.

Second: Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd

Sungrow Power is a national key high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of new energy power equipment such as solar energy, wind energy and energy storage. Its main products include photovoltaic inverters, wind energy converters, energy storage systems, new energy vehicle drive systems, and is committed to providing global first-class solutions for photovoltaic power plants.

Sungrow Power is one of the earliest local enterprises engaged in the R&D and production of PV inverters in China, and became the first domestic company listed with inverters as its main business in 2011 (stock code 300274).

Third: Sineng Electric Co., Ltd.

Sineng Electric is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of power electronics products. The company is deeply engaged in the field of power electronics, power conversion and control, providing customers with products and solutions such as PV on-grid inverters, PV power plant operation and maintenance, PV power plant development, power quality control, energy storage bi-directional current conversion, new energy vehicle charging, etc.

Under the influence of Emerson, the company’s R&D and products have achieved a leading position in China. Although it has recently failed in its IPO bid, it does not affect its position as a leading company in the domestic inverter industry.

Fourth: TBEA SUNOASIS Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2000, TBEA is the world’s leading green and intelligent energy service provider with business in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, committed to making intelligent, efficient and green energy to drive the sustainable development of human society. The company focuses on photovoltaic, wind power, power electronics, energy Internet and other fields, providing customers with overall solutions for clean energy project development, investment (financing), design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance, occupying the global leading position in photovoltaic, wind power EPC, inverter and other fields, and ranking 32nd in the list of top 200 global green companies in 2017.

TBEA, like Sungrow Power, is one of the earliest companies in China to plow through the front line of inverter product development, but it does have a genuine state-owned enterprise background, and TBEA inverters are also playing a role in many domestic projects.

Fifth: Moso Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd

Moso Power is a global advanced power supply solution provider and a landmark enterprise in the domestic power supply industry, as well as a well-known brand in Shenzhen, a famous trademark enterprise in Guangdong Province and a well-known trademark in China. The company was selected as one of the top 500 brands in China in 2017 and elected as one of the “Top 10 Influential Brands in China 2017”. Moso Electric is the main carrier of the photovoltaic business of Moso Power Technology.

Like many string inverter-based companies in China, Moso’s inverter R&D team comes from the Santak-Huawei system, and has been ahead of the curve in terms of product innovation. At the same time, Moso is one of the few domestic listed companies directly involved in the inverter brand, and in recent years, it has also gained more recognition in the domestic market, especially in North China, and an increasing installation can be witnessed in Central China.

Sixth: Shenzhen Kstar Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Kstar Technology Co., Ltd, established in 1993, is focused on the field of power electronics and new energy with products covering UPS uninterruptible power supply, data center key infrastructure (UPS, battery, precision power distribution, precision air conditioning, network server cabinets, server room power environment monitoring), solar photovoltaic inverter, inverter power supply, new energy vehicle charging pile (AC charging pile, DC charging pile, DC charging module, charging pile operation platform). It is included in the range of the national torch plan key high-tech enterprises, national enterprise technology center, and national technology innovation demonstration enterprises.

Kstar, like Shenzhen Moso Electric, is also a listed company in the power supply industry that cut into the photovoltaic market, and then became stronger and bigger. Kstar was successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010 (stock code: 002518), and its inverter business mainly focuses on the domestic market, especially its large ground power plants enjoying a good user reputation.

Seventh: Kehua Hensheng Co., Ltd.


Founded in 1999, Kehua Hensheng is a high-tech enterprise with research on power electronics technology as its core, and is the bearer of the “Key National Torch Plan Project (UPS)” and the first “National Key High-tech Enterprise” in the UPS industry recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. “

Also, cut into the photovoltaic industry from the power electronics, Kehua Hensheng has its advantage by concentrating in its centralized inverter, while its energy storage inverter, compared with other brands of inverter, has an obvious advantage, and thus has a relatively high sales volume in the global ranking.

Eighth: East Group Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1989, East Group (stock code: 300376) is a key high-tech enterprise under the National Torch Program, a model enterprise of national technology innovation and national intellectual property, and a world top 500 new energy enterprise (ranked 18th on the list of top 100 competitive global new energy enterprises).

East Group went public in 2013 with other main business, but inverters make its stock turned over several times in a row. After its listing, it has indeed spared lots of efforts in the PV industry, mainly focusing on power plant development and inverter R&D.

Ninth: GoodWe Technologies Co., Ltd.

GoodWe is a new energy high-tech enterprise. The company is headquartered in Suzhou High-tech Zone, the Eastern Water City, and has been focusing on the research and development, production and sales of solar photovoltaic inverters and their monitoring products.

GoodWe is a private enterprise that relies on the development of inverter self-employment. Although not yet listed, its products and corporate strength have reached a good level. Especially in the market promotion of home inverters, GoodWe has set a good benchmark for most domestic enterprises.

Tenth: Jiangsu Zever Solar Co., Ltd.

After several times of changing name, it now belongs to SMA China. It is a high-tech enterprise and software enterprise focusing on inverter R&D and manufacturing, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SMA Group, the world’s leading PV inverter manufacturer.

Zeversolar itself is an outstanding enterprise in the sales of domestic centralized inverters and overseas string inverters, and then supported by the world-renowned inverter company SMA (listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange). So its products and company strength should not be underestimated.

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