5kW, 10kW Home Solar Energy Storage Systems

In recent years, the popularity of camping and driving has boosted the market of the outdoor power market. Many brands have started to enter the energy storage industry. In 2010, QH entered the energy storage industry and successively launched a number of outdoor power products, such as 330W, 500W, 1000W, and 2000W, which comprehensively covered the travel demand.

Although an outdoor power supply can be used as emergency backup power for home power failure, the power reserve of an outdoor power supply is not enough because of the large load for a long time to power the home appliances. Recently, for the unstable power supply of special occasions, QH Tech launched a number of home energy storage systems, and the 10 kW solar system is the highest one.

QH Launched 5kW, 10kW Home Energy Storage Systems

QH 5kW home energy storage system adopts a stacked modular design. The capacity of a single module is about 5000Wh, that is, the energy storage of 5 kWh. We can connect more modules into parallel flexibly according to our power demand.

With the higher capability of energy storage, the QH Tech 10kW home energy storage system adopts the cabinet shape design. The power reserve of this system reaches 10000Wh, that is, 10 KWH, can cope with heavier load grid scenarios.

Power The Whole Family’s Loads System

Compared with portable power stations that only support several small appliances for emergency use, the QH home energy storage system relies on the bulk power reserve foundation, which can support the daily use of whole house appliances.

For example, The QH 5kW home energy storage system can drive 1.5 pieces of air conditioning for 4 to 5 hours, a 120W refrigerator for 4 to 7 days, 200m²home lighting system for 6 to 8 days, a 300W washing machine for 16 to 20 times, and 900W rice cooker for 50 times.

QH 10kW household energy storage system can drive 1.5 pieces of air conditioning for 8~10 hours, 120W refrigerator for 8~14 days, 200m²household lighting system for 12~16 days, 300W washing machine for 32~40 times, and 900W rice cooker for 100 times.

It is obvious to see that the power stored by the QH home energy storage power system is enough to make a whole family safely get rid of the power instability and wait for the power restoration at ease.

Staggered Peak Energy Storage Saves Money and Reduces the Burden

As we all know, power outages happen during the day when people are working normally, factory production lines are running at full capacity, and the grid load is up to the peak. Therefore, the electrical company divides the residential electricity consumption into two periods: peak electricity and valley electricity, and calls the period from 7:00 to 23:00 peak. The peak electricity price is 0.1098 €/kWh. From 23:00 to 7:00 is called the valley segment, and the valley electricity price is 0.0722€/kWh. It allows residents and enterprises to flexibly arrange production operations and power consumption at different peaks. (Refer to the 2021 electricity bill in France)

QH home energy storage systems can be full of its own power in the valley power period when the grid load is low and reserved for use in the peak power period. It can reasonably avoid the time when the grid load is maximum, and can wait until the power is restored even if the power is cut off. And valley electricity cost is cheaper, we can save a price difference from each kilo-watt.

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