High Voltage LiFePo4 Battery

High Voltage LiFePo4 Battery

High Voltage Energy Storage is a product developed for applications such as microgrid energy storage, stationary energy storage, commercial solar energy storage, home solar battery system, High Voltage UPS, and data room. Small and medium-sized High Voltage Energy Storage system charged power is concentrated in 20-150KWh. QH Technology independently develops and produces lifepo4 ups, BMS, and system integration design, providing customers with integrated delivery of programs at all levels from battery modules, energy storage devices, stationary energy storage systems, containerized energy storage systems, etc. QH Technology has provided products and services to many photovoltaic enterprises, industrial and commercial energy storage, and energy storage system integrators. Our products adopt a modular architecture and three-level BMS management, and the voltage covers 96V to 600V which can be flexibly configured according to customer needs.

Features of small and medium High Voltage Energy Storage systems:

1. With modular structure, they can flexibly form various voltage platforms within 600V and various capacity level systems, and are easy to maintain. And the number of battery modules can be adjusted according to project needs. standardized production, strong commonality, easy installation, operation, and maintenance.

2. The three-level battery management system is designed to provide maximum reliability. perfect BMS protection function and control system, over current, over-voltage, insulation, and other multiple protection design.

3. Using lithium iron phosphate cell, a lifepo4 battery for solar energy storage is adopted to improve safety and lengthen cycle life, low internal resistance, high rate, High consistency of internal resistance, voltage, and capacity of a single cell. with a design life of more than 10 years.

4. They are small in size, light in weight, easy to handle, and flexible in cabinet-type and box-type deployment, allowing them to be quickly applied to assorted scenarios.

5. Intelligent system, low loss, high conversion efficiency, strong stability, reliable operation.

6. Visual LCD display allows you to set operating parameters, view real-time data and operating status, and accurately diagnose operating faults.

7. Support fast charging and discharging.

8. Supports communication protocols such as CAN2.0 and RS485, which can be used in various scenarios.

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