Containerized 215kwh, 372kwh battery energy storage system

containerized battery energy storage system

Containerized 215kwh, 372kwh battery energy storage system

UsageCar, Bus, UPS, Electric Power, Boat, Golf Carts, Electric Bicycles,Scooters, Solar Energy 
Voltage RangeDC200V~DC700V
Cell Weight4620kg
Cycle Life>4000 Times

Containerized 215kwh, 372kwh battery energy storage system

Containerized 215kwh, 372kwh Battery Energy Storage System (CBESS) is an important support for future power grid development, which can effectively improve the stability, reliability, and power quality of the power system. With the advantages of mature technology, high capacity, high reliability, high flexibility, strong environmental adaptability, scalability, and easy installation, it has a wide application prospect in power systems. In consequence, as the energy storage power source of the power system, the containerized energy storage system is the development direction of energy storage in the future.

A containerized energy storage system uses a lithium phosphate battery as the energy carrier to charge and discharge through PCS, realizing multiple energy exchanges with the power system and connecting to multiple power supply modes, such as photovoltaic array, wind energy, power grid, and other energy storage systems. The battery energy storage system includes a lifepo4 battery pack, lifepo4 BMS, energy conversion system, control system, and other equipment. Among them, the core technology is the structure design of the lifepo4 pack, the thermal design of the battery system, the protection technology of the battery system, BMS, etc.

The shipping container solar system consists of a battery system and an energy conversion system. Lithium-ion battery energy storage systems contain advanced lithium iron phosphate battery modules, BMS, and fuse switches as DC short circuit protection and circuit isolation, all of which are centrally installed in the container. In order to meet the capacity output requirements, several battery modules are connected to form a lifepo4 battery pack. The DC output of each lifepo4 battery pack in the battery system is connected to the energy conversion system to convert DC to AC and AC to DC (bidirectional), and control power as well. Solar battery storage system conducts new energy access, grid-connected control, data acquisition, remote transmission, unattended and other functions. Compared with the traditional energy storage power station, it has the characteristics of simple installation and debugging, beautiful appearance, and so on, and is especially suitable for the application requirements of on-grid or off-grid energy storage systems in high altitude, cold areas, islands, deserts, and other complex environments.

Containerized energy storage system is a 40-foot standard container with two built-in 250 kW energy storage conversion systems. The 1 MWh lithium-ion battery storage system, BMS, energy storage monitoring system, air conditioning system, fire protection system, and power distribution system are centrally installed in a special box to achieve highly integrated, large-capacity, and mobile energy storage equipment. It has the characteristics of heat insulation, constant temperature, fire retardant, wind and sand protection, etc., which can meet the needs of various environments.

Specification of containerized battery energy storage system

PV Parameters 
MPPT voltage rangeDC200V~DC700V
MPPT full power Volt rangeDC370V~DC700V
MPPT channel QTY1-3(Optional)
Single channel maximum current135A
AC grid-connected parameters 
Rated power(kW)200
Maximum power(kW)220
Rated voltage(V)AC380/400
Voltage range-15%~+10%
Rated frequency(Hz)50/60
Frequency range(Hz)±2
Output harmonics≤3%(Rated power)
Power factor>0.99(Rated power)
Power factor adjustable range1(lead)~1(lag)
AC off-grid parameters 
Rated power(kW)200
Maximum power(kW)220
Rated voltage(V)3W+N+PE,380
Output voltage harmonics≤3%(Linear Load)
Rated frequency(Hz)50/60
Overload capacity105%:continuous operation;(105%~120%:10min:120%):stop operation
Battery Parameter 
Cell typeLFP
Module power(kWh)5.12
Module Qty60
System rated power(kWh)307.2
Running Time(h)1.5(Optional by Changing module qty)
Life cycle25°C 0.5C/0.5C 100%DOD EOL80% ≥4000 times
System Efficiency 
Maximum efficiency95.00%
DC switchYES
AC switchYES
Grid monitoringYES
Insulation monitoringYES
DCEN protectionYES
Earth-fault protectionYES
Surge protectionDCⅡ/ACⅡ
Basic Parameters 
Dimension W*D*H(mm)1680*3830*1700
Weight (kg)4620
Working temperature-20-55°C(>45°C derating)
Relative humidity0~95%
CoolingAir cooling, intelligent fan regulation
Working altitude (m)4000(>2000 derating)
Date displayTouch screen
Communication InterfaceRS485,CAN
ProtocolModbus-RTU, CAN2.0B

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Energy Storage Container Application:

As a kind of mobile generator set equipment, an energy storage container can be used in power construction, medical emergency, petrochemical, mining oil field, hotel, vehicle, highways,s and railways, etc. Not only that, but also can be used to convert natural resources into electricity collection and storage, or temporary power supply facilities use, a very wide range of use, so the fire safety of container energy storage appears to be very important. The container energy storage system has the characteristics of simplified infrastructure construction cost, short construction cycle, high degree of modularity, easy transportation, and installation, and can be applied to thermal power stations, wind energy, solar energy, or island, community, school, scientific research institutions, factories, large load centers, and other applications.