48V Lifepo4 Battery

48V Lifepo4 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

We designed the new 48v lifepo4 lithium-Ion battery pack using high-quality lithium phosphate cells with the highest safety standards and optimal battery structure. With the most advanced BMS providing full protection and real-time monitoring, this battery pack is suitable for RV energy storage power supply, electric vehicles, solar/wind energy storage systems, backup power supply, telecommunications, medical equipment, mobile power stations, solar energy storage, advertising vehicles, communication command vehicles, mobile vehicles, low-speed electric four-wheelers, industrial automation electrical equipment, UPS emergency power supply, etc.

The characteristics of the 48V Lifepo4 lithium-Ion Battery Pack:
1. Longer cycle life: Compared to the lead-acid battery, its cycle life is 10 times longer, and float charge/calendar life is 5 times longer, helping to minimize replacement costs and reduce the total cost of ownership.
2. Lighter weight: It is about 40% the weight of the comparable lead-acid battery, making it a “direct” alternative to the lead-acid battery.
3. Higher power: It provides twice the power of the lead-acid battery and even a higher discharge rate while maintaining the high energy capacity.
4. Wider temperature range: -20℃~60℃
5. Excellent security: Lithium iron phosphate eliminates the risk of explosion or combustion due to high impact, overcharging, or short circuit.
6. No memory effect: It supports the utilization of Unstable Partial State of Charge (UPSOC) (charge/discharge).