3kW Solar System

3kW solar system

Perfect solution for smaller solar system power applications

A 3kW solar system is a compact and inexpensive option for small to medium-sized homes with large household electricity bills.

A 3kW solar PV system is best suited for a medium-sized household of two to three people. These systems also work well in small homes with high energy consumption. If you are a small family concerned about high electricity bills, installing a 3kW solar system might be perfect as it is reliable and cost-effective.


application scenarios

1: Household electricity for 2-3 people

2: Little Farm

3: Remote area

4: Emergency standby power

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It is so compact, it can fit almost anywhere. A small stand-alone solar system, perfect for those difficult-to-power areas.

1: Is a 3kW Solar System Suitable for My Home?

Absolutely. If you’re a small family of two to four people in a medium-sized house, then a 3kW solar system is ideal for you.

Your house’s roof will determine the size of the solar PV system you receive: the greater the installed system, the more energy it produces.

The optimum location for installing the panels is on a north-facing area of the roof. This will also decide how many panels you can install altogether.

A 3kW solar power system will produce approximately twelve units of energy per day (known as kilowatt-hours or kWh).

2: How Many Solar Panels are in a 3kW System?

The typical solar panel is 250-370 W, so if you opt for this type of panel, you’ll need to install eight to twelve panels in total to create a 3kW system (3000 W).

Below is a table showing how many panels you would need for a 3kW system, with varying power outputs:

Panel power

Numbers of panels needed









3: Do I Have Enough Roof Space for a 3kW Solar System?

Installing a 3kW system requires about 20m² of accessible roof space facing northwards. Each panel is approximately 160cm × 100cm.

If you have this much space available, then you’re good to go!

It’s best to position your solar system so that it receives direct sunlight. You can also ask a solar installer to come out and examine your roof size and orientations. They can determine which size would fit best.

4: How Much Does a 3kW Solar System Cost?

According to the CEC, a quality 3kW solar system installed on your rooftop costs roughly $2,800 – $5,600 depending on various factors.

The price of the system would be $1300 more than this before applying the rebates and incentives. You should be entitled to approximately $1,300 in reimbursements, bringing your net expenses to approximately $4,000, once your installer claims STCS.

On a positive note, the cost of solar has dropped over the years.

5: How Much Will a 3kW Solar System Save You?

The amount that a homeowner will save is dependent on a number of factors such as:
1) When you use power at home.
2) The amount of electricity you consume.
3) The orientation and efficiency of the panels.
For most homes, when you use power has the largest impact on how much you can save. Why is that?
The time when you use power and when the power is produced dictate how much of your valuable solar energy flows into the grid rather than your house.

6 What is the Payback Period for 3kW Modules?

A 3kW system’s expected payback time can be as short as three years. This will depend on the cost of the system, where you live, how much energy you consume, and your interest rate if you financed the system.

If you don’t export any energy, it will essentially pay for itself in less than three years, assuming you spend 30 cents per kWh for imported electricity. On the contrary, if you export power to the grid, you will save less, for which will extend the payback period.

7: How Much Power Does a 3kW Solar System Produce?

A 3kW solar system generates roughly 12 kWh of power every day. This amount is impacted by the average sunlight received in your area, the weather, and the orientation of your solar panels.

The amount of direct sunlight available: Where you live is the primary factor in calculating how much power your solar panels will generate, as the weather and climate will impact the total sunlight received. Additionally, the orientation of the solar panels will impact your system’s ability to absorb direct sunlight.

8: Should I Consider a Smaller or Larger System?

Consider the energy you need.

If you live in a small-sized home with only a few appliances, then go for a smaller system; if not, install a larger system.

9: What other systems are there?

There are a number of system sizes to choose from including:

5kW Solar System

6kW/6.6kW Solar System

8kW Solar System

10kW Solar System