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Guangzhou QH Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, is a high-tech lifepo4 battery manufacturer, we are focusing on the R&D, production, and lifepo4 battery wholesale, lifepo4 BMS, and commercial solar battery energy storage system modules. Integrating LiFePO4 distributed BMS system, power distribution system, communication system, lighting system, fire control system, and monitoring system, we are one of the lifepo4 home battery manufacturers in China. Our products adopt a modular design, easy to install and expand. Our intelligent BMS can automatically adapt to different levels of 5-1,500V electrical environments, which flexibly meets the energy storage requirements from household kWh level to grid MWh level and availably provides one-stop overall energy storage solutions for various scenarios like home solar battery storage, commercial energy storage systems, industrial solar battery storage, power grid, communication base station, data center, etc. There are more than 25 professional battery storage system engineers and 120 professionals in our company. Our products cover a wide range from portable energy storage, 48V household battery storage, 12V/24V RV camping-car battery, 12V electric boat battery, 48V communication base station series battery, 192V/384V high voltage battery system to other assorted energy storage battery systems applications, as well as forklift battery packs and some motive power applications.


lifepo4 Home Battery & Commercial Battery Storage

We are a lifepo4 home battery manufacturer focusing on the R&D, production, and sales of commercial solar battery storage, lifepo4 BMS, and commercial battery storage system modules, integrating LiFePO4 distributed BMS systems, power distribution systems, communication systems, lighting systems, fire control systems, monitoring systems.


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We’ve focused on wholesale lifepo4 battery, Professionalism, and Reliability as our core values. Also, these values are deemed as our key differentiators from our counterparts. Sticking with such values, we have always succeeded in creating sustainable cooperation with customers in the long term. At the same time, we pursue the strategy of Quality First, providing quality lifepo4 manufacturing and excellent services and promoting our high-quality development. Our batteries are sold in mainland China and are exported to Europe, North America, Australia, Dubai, South Korea, and other countries and regions. In addition, we are the certified manufacturer that has passed ISO9001, UL, CE, Rosh, MSDS, UN38.3, and other international certifications to ensure that all battery energy storage systems meet the requirements of low carbon and sustainable development.


We understand the needs of our clients and believe that the relationship formed between us is the most important aspect of our business. From start to end, we consult with our clients to ensure that our company has provided them with the best merchandise and service.


We produce merchandise with the highest possible standard. Possessing the technology and skills to reach the requirements of our clients, we ensure that our battrey storage system reflects our commitment to providing our clients with a fast, reliable and cost-effective service without compromising on quality.


We ensure that there is a complete goal between our customers and us. We see our customers as real partners,helping them build home battery energy storage.

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Our lifepo4 home battery energy storage solutions have covered mainland China and are exported to Europe, North America, Australia, Dubai, South Korea, and other countries and regions.

We Provide LiFePo4 home Battery Energy Storage

QH Tech produces and sells its own solar panels that integrate energy storage batteries and residential users can use solar panels and energy storage batteries of QH Tech to meet their demands. The capacity of home energy storage products is concentrated in 5-30kwh according to different demands, for which high requirements on battery safety and service life are necessary. Generally speaking, they require more than 10 years of warranty, and the cycle times are up to 4000 times or more. Lifepo4 battery for solar energy storage is more suitable for house energy storage due to its features of low cost, high safety and long cycle life.

5-30 kwh
cycle times 4000
high safety and long cycle life

The Lifepo4 battery for solar energy storage is more suitable for house battery storage due to its features of low cost, high safety and long cycle life.

High current output

The best lithium rv battery can be maintain high power output It means the lithium ion rv battery is much better at powering high-current loads.

lithium battery for RV Battery

Generally, there are electric rice cookers, water heaters, lighting, TV, audio equipment in RV, and some also have built-in air conditioning. The capacity of RV Battery without air conditioning is recommended to be 400Ah, while the capacity of an RV Battery with air conditioning is required to be 600-800 Ah (no less than 400Ah), all  of which are based on the 12V lithium battery pack.

Unlike a lead-acid battery that rarely discharges more than 50%, lithium RV batteries can regularly discharge 80% or more of their rated capacity. For example, with a 100Ah lead-acid battery, you can only get 30~50Ah while with a lithium RV battery, you can get 80Ah or more. Just like an AGM battery, it’s about twice as high as an equivalent rated lithium battery pack.

More capacity
Quick charge


Quality is life, We are in strict accordance with quality documentation requirements required to ensure that from raw materials, and production process to the final product shipments has been strictly controlled to ensure stable and reliable quality Battery. The certifications we have received from international organizations ensure customers that our solutions comply with the strictest European & International safety standards.

CE EN61000-6-3 61000-6-1 Cert 200AH
CE EN61000-6-3-61000-6-1-Cert80AH
CE EN62133-3.2V-100AH
PTC20103003325C 3.2V 80AH MSDS
CE EN61000-6-3-61000-6-1-Cert300AH

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